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Welcome to BasesRLoaded--We got Dirt !

BasesRLoaded Indoor Training Centers
Established in 2009, BasesRLoaded is recognized as the premiere indoor baseball and softball training center. BasesRLoaded state of the art facilities are dedicated to covering all the bases and fulfilling the needs of players of all ages and abilities. Our 12,660 square foot building has been designed to accomadate all age ranges of players with the different needs and requirements for these different age groups.

Indoor Batting Cages for Baseball or Softball
Our expanded hitting tunnels allow for greater mobility and ball travel. Batters get a realistic sense of how each ball is hit. Our batting tunnels at BasesRLoaded each have a pitcher's mound and an adjustable pitching machine for use. The batting tunnels are separated by sliding nets which can be pulled back to make an open field area for clinics and instruction. The batting and pitching tunnels are rented out by the half hour or full hour to the public or used weekly by members of the club. Reservations are taken and recommended for tunnel use.

BasesRLoaded also offer indoor batting cages which are available on a walk-in basis any time during hours of operation. Our state of the art pitching machines will produce softballs pitched in the 80 mph range and under, and baseballs pitches in the 100 mph range. These batting cages allow you to practice your baseball or softball swing and also select from a variety of different speed and height adjustments.

Oh, did we mention that they are indoors. Just what you need in the cold winter days to keep your competitive edge through the winter to gain that extra advantage over the other guys and gals that you or your youngster will be competing with next season. And BasesRLoaded provides a safe and comfortable indoor training facility for those rainy days that have become more normal in our area once again.

Professional Instruction
BasesRLoaded offers year round indoor professional baseball, softball and weight training instruction. Our staff uses a uniform step by step teaching system to encourage positive progress with our students. No gimmicks, no celebrities, just serious professional instruction. Our staff includes former professional players, college all stars, and coaches.